Bespoke sites

Effective Presence has designed and built entire sites from scratch. The first site we built was for a music promotion business, J N Promotions.

Development of a site for Barbaros, Honor Oak Park hair salon, was completed in 2009.

Not-for-profit organisation, Communication Options provides disabled people, and their families and carers, with access to some of the best therapeutic and rehabilitative resourcces from around the world. The site is under developmemt.

Music Marketing consultancy, Effective Presence Music Marketing, specialises in Rock music marketing

Search Engine Optimisation


As more and more of us turn to Google for answers, Search Engine Optimisation has become a hot topic. Many extravagant claims are made by SEO consultants who say that results are guaranteed. Be wary of such claims. How can one guarantee what the competition might do? As far as SEO goes, you should put your trust in results.

Effective Presence specialises in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). As you can see from the SEO results Effective Presence has achieved for itself and the SEO work done for its clients, we have a formidable track record.

Redesign and Maintenance

Worked on a small-scale redesign and update of Stan Brock, Medicine Man. The redesign was to optimise the site for browsing on mobile devices and for search.

You can read more about the redesign work of Effective Presence.